We can speak of quality, when the thing that comes back to us are clients, not products.
About us

We are a company producing natural veneers, face veneers and slats. Our production facility lays in the very heart of Białowieża Forest. Thanks to long tradition and experience, we deliver top quality production materials to furniture and construction joinery manufacturers and wood industry. Our offer is addressed both to small, medium and large companies.

Our products are made from carefully selected wood. Our clients are satisfied with our veneers, because the materials they choose are high quality and good price.

On special requests, we staple veneers.  To meet the needs of our clients, we execute custom orders.

Wood species

We also sell exotic species, such as sapeli, american walnut.

What makes us different

Thanks to nearly 20 years experience in verneer production, we deliver you top quality materials.

We specialize in the production of formats with standard dimensions for doors, staircases, furniture.

We keep our warehouse full, so we can complete standard orders on an ongoing business.


We deliver larger amounts of our goods with our own transport. Smaller amounts are sent trough a shipping company.